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Become a partner

Our aim to open new markets for premium outdoor content, on mobile devices.

We work with a number of respected partners and outdoor authors to bring the very best range of quality, trusted routes to our users in Europe and America. Partners include Harper Collins, the AA, Rough Rides and the Mountaineer's Association of America. At no cost to our partners, we bring paper based premium routes and route descriptions to the 'Mobile' & 'Tablet'.

We're the only app developer to promote premium content in this way through our apps; as opposed to user generated routes. We believe there is a significant market for quality, trusted route content on this platform and our goal is to bring as wide a range as possible to our users, through partnership with trusted and respected outdoor authors.

OutDoors apps are available now on the iTunes/Google Play for use on Mobiles and Tablets; premium routes are available for purchase by users today for America and Europe. It is extremely simple for a user to download the right topo maps and routes and then use their Mobile or Tablet to guide them around a chosen route. Very little preparation is required for the user in terms of finding the right maps and drawing out routes; furthermore, navigating a chosen route in the outdoors, is extremely simple making it easier for people to hike and cycle. In effect, users no longer need a dedicated hiking GPS unit since an Mobile + OutDoors app + Your Premium Content represents an easier and less costly way of navigating in the wild.

If you have a range of route content for any area which you believe Mobile users would value, then we're keen to work with you to bring your content to this exciting market. The process is not complex; the first step is to contact us through the Support page and we’ll provide you with the simple sign up process and outline 6 simple steps to getting your content to market.

We look forward to working with you!

Existing Partner Product Examples: