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South Downs Way - Amberley to Hassocks

Uploaded by Ramblers on Oct 05, 2011
Region: United Kingdom

Route type: Other
Total climb: 2,296.59 ft
Distance: 35.11km, 21.82 miles.   (17)

About trip

Going From Train Station to Train Station. This is a LONG walk or a 4-5 hour fairly tough Mountain Bike Ride. This was a glorious ride- hard work. Couldn't make it up the first hill- lost grip and had to walk a few hundred feet. But didn't get off again. Takes you along the ridge of the South Downs with awesome views- all the way to the sea. The terrain is stony - easy to get a puncture! But I managed to avoid that through luck. Lots of walkers in some sections but plenty of room and good visibility- and everyone friendly. I lost my water after first 5miles so had to keep stopping and begging water from farms etc. Set off on the 10.30 train from Clapham and was back in Clapham at about 5pm. Exhausted!

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