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Malham Cove, Dry Valley, Malham Tarn & Pikedaw

Uploaded by queganf on Aug 05, 2020
Region: United Kingdom

Route type: hiking
Total climb: 1,216.17 ft Difficulty: Medium
Distance: 11.53km, 7.17 miles.   (0)

About trip

7.6 miles.

Follow the route of Walk 1 as far as the top of Malham Cove, indicated by the symbol [*]. After crossing the limestone pavement, turn left and cross three stiles as you walk up through dry valley, before taking the right fork in the path, by a footpath signpost
and stile (do not cross the stile). Your path leads past the area,
on your right, where the stream flowing from Malham Tarn sinks underground, to emerge at Airehead Springs, just south of Malham village. Turn right onto the road, crossing the stream before taking the footpath on the left by the small car parking area and following the path to Tarn Foot, where lovely views can be had of Malham Tarn and its surroundings. Retrace your steps back to the road turning right onto it and crossing the stream again. Turn left off
the road onto the Pennine Way, this time taking the broad track (bridleway) which curves to the right around the hillside (leaving the Pennine Way), and bears left after passing through a gateway to lead up to a road. Bear left along the road for a few metres
and, immediately after the cattle grid at Langscar Gate, turn right through a field gate on to a broad, well defined track which leads uphill, curving to the right. Turn left once through the next gateway, and follow the path, still well defined, uphill through three more gateways until you reach the junction with the Malham to Settle bridleway where there is a prominent finger-post beside a field gate. Turn left through the field gate and follow the main bridleway down the hill through the spoil heaps and covered shafts associated with the former mining activity of the area. After about 350m
you will see a footpath sign to Malham. Turn right at this sign and follow this less well defined path pausing to take in the spectacular view across Malhamdale and down the Aire Valley beyond Skipton. The path descends steeply to a stone stile, and then continues to descend to a field gate followed by another stone stile next to a barn. Once across this stile, follow the path to a small bridge before crossing a final stone stile into the walled lane. Once in the lane, turn left and after about 450m there is a junction with another walled lane. Turn right here and follow the lane until it turns to the left and drops down hill to join yet another walled lane. Turn right again and follow the lane until it finally bears round to the left and brings you out at the entrance to Malham car park.

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