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Meikle Tap (Hill of Fare) Circular

Uploaded by Rich_G on Oct 06, 2020
Region: United Kingdom

Route type: walking Difficulty: Medium
Distance: 7.22km, 4.49 miles.   (0)

About trip

Starting and ending in mature conifer forest close to the village of Echt, this is a short but invigorating hill-walk that should be within the scope of most walkers. The woodland environment is very pleasant and reasonably open, followed by a sweeping steady ascent which affords some marvellous views along the way. Just below the summit is a tall and intriguing solitary standing stone. However, its origin does not appear to be documented, and nor is its position marked on the OS map. The 360° panoramic views on reaching the trig point and mast at the summit are fabulous, providing lots of scope for identifying points of interest, and peaks, near and far. An unusual stone cairn there provides 4 roughly-seated alcoves at the 4 points of the compass so that you can enjoy the view and a mid-walk snack in relative shelter! The return leg of the walk takes an, at times, steep descent on a rough path, which may be muddy, before regaining the forest. Meikle Tap is on the north-east corner of the extensive Hill of Fare massif, an area of forestry and rough moorland north of Banchory with a number of distinct peaks. Meikle Tap featured in the topography of the Battle of Corrichy in 1562. It was fought between the forces of George Gordon, 4th Earl of Huntly, against the forces of Mary, Queen of Scots, under James Stewart, 1st Earl of Moray. Mary had come in person to the north of Scotland intent on confronting the power of the Gordons whose force originally took a vantage point on the lower northern slopes of the Meikle Tap. However, damaging arquebus musket shot drove them down to marshy ground. Apparently, the Gordon's tactic of charging with swords was defeated by Moray's long pikes, and they were speedily routed.

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