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King's Seat, Gairn Hill and Den Wood from Rosemount

Uploaded by kolschbitte on Feb 07, 2012
Region: United Kingdom

Route type: Other
Total climb: 1,062.99 ft
Distance: 22.78km, 14.16 miles.   (22)

About trip

Walk from Rosemount in Aberdeen to Den of Maidencraig Nature Reserve, then on to Kingshill Wood. Pass through Kingshill Wood and on to Gairnhill Wood, before heading on to a cup and ring marked stone. From here, follow the road for a distance before reentering the forest, and following the trail past Countesswells House and a Dovecot. Follow the road again to Newton of Countesswells, before entering the forest surrounding Hazelhead Park and following a trail through Den Wood all the way back into Aberdeen through Craigiebuckler. 14.2miles Approx 5h 9m.

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