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Two Moors Way

Uploaded by Dunc6012 on Jan 16, 2020
Region: United Kingdom

Route type: Other
Total climb: 10,826.77 ft
Distance: 151.99km, 94.44 miles.   (0)

About trip

Long distance path across Dartmoor and Exmoor from South Devon to the Irish Sea. I hiked this route in the 'summer' of 2012, from north to south. In fact, there are four moors (including Rackenham and Knowstone), not two, and when I did it they were more like bogs. Moreover, the path was so poorly waymarked (you REALLY need 1:25k GPS mapping in a lot of places) it was more like a maze. So you could call it the 'Four Bogs Maze'. The middle bit in Devon is a bit dull, to be honest, but it's remains a really fantastic LDP. Enjoy!

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