Top 10 OutDoors Tips

  1. Faster: We recommend an occasional reboot for better Mobile performance on 3G. We recommend no more than 50 routes on the device.
  2. Storage: If you’re conserving Mobile disk space, you can uninstall the maps you don’t need and reinstall later at no cost.
  3. Maps: When you update or first install, it’s worth going to the in-app Store right away to download your free maps and select new ones you might need in the future.
  4. Cycling: Press ‘centre’ and the blue dot will stay in the centre as you move unless you touch the map again. This is ideal for mountain or road biking. You have to turn off auto-lock to view the maps constantly without interruption so you’ll get only 4 hours battery on an iPhone 4 like this. But that’s enough for many journeys.
  5. Editing a Route: When editing a route, just click on the route line to create a new waypoint; click on any waypoint to move it or name it.
  6. Downloading: If installing or buying maps through in-app purchase, then it’s best to do that on a fast Wifi. This is quicker and doesn’t use your data allowance from your operator. Apps can get slower while downloading data.
  7. Battery: For your walk, to conserve battery, go to settings; turn off WIFI, Bluetooth and 3G and reduce auto-lock to 1 minute and reduce brightness. Also, it helps to fully close as many apps as you can (double click home button to show open apps at bottom. Press an app icon for 3 secs and a ‘-‘ appears. Pressing that closes the app properly). Lastly turning off cellular data can further improve battery significantly and if you’re really serious- just take out the SIM card for maximum battery performance.
  8. Recording Routes: Recording routes will rapidly reduce your battery life to just 3-4 hours. So take care! We wouldn’t recommend recording routes when exploring new areas- best to save that battery!
  9. Accessories: Must have accessories: A back up charger; an Otterbox to protect your device when on a walk and in the rain; for cyclists, a Sports Arm Band by Bone can be used to hold your iPhone very firmly to the front V on your bike so you can quickly glance at the map to check position relative to your route.
  10. Recommended Routes: Download premium, trusted routes from AA Walks, Collins Short Walks and Rough Ride Guides straight from your OutDoors app; each download gets you 20-50 trusted, recommended routes in seconds.