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Dodd Fell and Wether Fell

Uploaded by StriderJon on Nov 22, 2010
Region: United Kingdom

Route type: Other
Total climb: 1,610.89 ft
Distance: 15.85km, 9.85 miles.   (34)

About trip

This walk is a delightful hoseshoe walk encompassing the Sleddale valley to the south of Hawes in Wensleydale. The two significant hill ranges are Wether Fell to the east and Dodd Fell to the north and west and all rain, sleet and snow that falls on Wether Fell to the west and Dodd Fell to the south and east eventually find their way into Gayle Beck which flows north through Hawes and into the River Ure. With Wensleydale Cheese made by the side of Gayle Beck this walk is closely linked to the favourite cheese of many famous folk.

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