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Moughton Scars Limestone Pavement Walk

Uploaded by hillwalker on Nov 22, 2010
Region: United Kingdom

Route type: Other
Total climb: 941.60 ft
Distance: 13.74km, 8.53 miles.   (65)

About trip

Malham Cove is lauded as the most spectacular example of a limestone pavement in the Yorkshire Dales and while I don't wish to detract from Malham there is another equally awesome example. Not being as accessible as it's more illustrious cousin Moughton Scars is no less impressive and the view looking over the Scars from Long Scar with Penyghent in the distance is without doubt one of the most beautiful natural sights in the whole of the Yorkshire Dales. Moreover, Moughton Scars are larger in area than Malham Cove and simply tempt the walker to take a closer look. This circular walk from Austwick takes me on a walk along tracks past Ingleborough Cave and Trow Gill and then over superb limestone pavement country.

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