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A&J - Helvellyn and Striding Edge

Uploaded by adrianstevenson on May 11, 2013
Region: United Kingdom

Route type: Hike
Total climb: 2,621.65 ft Difficulty: Tough
Distance: 8.73km, 5.43 miles.   (4)

About trip

We did this on a cold rainy day in gale force winds. NOT very clever!  Probably the scariest day walking ever for me!  The wind speed and wind chill on the summit made for a pretty terrifying experience.

It would however be fine in good to medium conditions, although Striding Edge and the scramble to the summit of Helvellyn are both quite challenging for inexperienced walkers.

We had intended to return to where we started at Glenridding, but the heavy wind forced us to play safe and descend to Thirlmere. A bus ride to Windermere and a £35 taxi back to Glenridding car park two hours later finally got is back to our car.

(Completed and never forgotten on 9th May 2013)

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