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Uploaded by essdsm on Oct 19, 2013
Region: United Kingdom

Route type: Mountain Bike Difficulty: Tough
Distance: 106.24km, 66.02 miles.   (1)

About trip

As the route name suggests this journey travels from Bath to the Cotswold town of Nailsworth and return.  The route was generated by the BikeHub iPhone app and then edited/compressed using GPSPrune. The edit in GPSPrune was necessary to remove some of the off-road stuff near Wotton-under-Edge that BikeHub had introduced and so this route should now be navigable by all bicycle types. I've left in a small bit of dirt track around the village of Westerleigh (although a road route can be chosen). The route only really gets particularly demanding when climbing those hills out of Nailsworth on the return journey but I've opted for the 'tough' difficulty classification for this reason.

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