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Spey Way - Aberlour to Tormore (Exploring)

Uploaded by 00joho00 on Oct 20, 2013
Region: United Kingdom

Route type: Mountain Bike
Total climb: 1,196.98 ft Difficulty: Medium
Distance: 35.98km, 22.36 miles.   (12)

About trip

Exploring Short sections of the Spey Way with the aim of doing it on a one'er at some point. 

This section was from Aberlour to Tormore (where the track crosses the A95). As I expected (and have been told) this is a very muddy section of the Spey Way. The section is approximately 12miles, though I had to double back on myself as there are no convenient way of returning to the car and cycling on the A95 is not advisable.

Much of this section is over grown vehicle tracks with a muddy grass covered centre. So in the the summer and autumn you are pushed up against nettles and over grown weeds and trees branches. Very little hard packed track makes for slow going and a slippery ride, especially when wet, although the view is stunning with a couple of really nice features and bridges along the way. The autumn colours are unbeatable with the vast selection of trees species, and bracken changing to winter dress. 

Rated medium: Because of the mud and slippery ride which could see you face plant if not careful. 

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