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Road Bike: Rothiemay / Deveron River

Uploaded by 00joho00 on Nov 24, 2013
Region: United Kingdom

Route type: Road Bike
Total climb: 1,371.78 ft Difficulty: Medium
Distance: 41.50km, 25.79 miles.   (7)

About trip

Very nice undulating road run, on very quite back roads (except for the last 3 miles). Stunning scenery overlooking the Deveron River, especially the stretch just outside Rothiemay looking down the valley.
Road surface: varied from quite good to very poor and section covered with mud left by tractors. 
Difficulty: Medium (Mainly because of the distance)

24/11/13: Quite a cold day overcast and no heat in the sun. No jumper either so felt quite cold, muscles never really warming up. Sun breaking through the mist casting amazing light on the valley. Tracked two deer for about 300 yards parallel in a field until they burst across the road yards in front of me making me slam on the brakes. Time: 02h06m


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