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Road Bike: Cabrach Circular

Uploaded by 00joho00 on Nov 09, 2013
Region: United Kingdom

Route type: Road Bike
Total climb: 2,129.30 ft Difficulty: Medium
Distance: 53.35km, 33.15 miles.   (9)

About trip

Epic ride today. Road biking using my Trail - Mountain Bike, hard work but fantastic fun. Clear autumn day, temp just above freezing but sun shining, perfect for a long bike ride through amazing countryside. Total time 3h 45min (3 hours moving time; 45 min stopped incl. Lunch, snacks and inflating my tires to a road pressure and admiring the stunning vies). I love the Cabrach.

Difficulty: Medium (Because of the distance, and a few steep climbs)

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