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Dovestone, Yeoman Hey, Greenfield circular

Uploaded by jmfielden on Apr 21, 2021
Region: United Kingdom

Route type: walking
Total climb: 908.14 ft Difficulty: Easy
Distance: 8.70km, 5.41 miles.   (2)

About trip

Start at Binn Green carpark and head down the hill to Dovestone reservoir. Turn left and follow the path alongside Dovestone and Yeoman Hey reservoirs (see plaque commemorating the King of Tonga's visit here). Carry on up to Greenfield Reservoir then cross the weir here and follow the path back on the other side of Yeoman Hey and Dovestones. Carry on South past Chew Hills to  Charnel Clough and double back along the Oldham Way path to Dovestones  crossing the dam and returning to Binn Green carpark.

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