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Uploaded by Sherriff73 on Apr 21, 2015
Region: United Kingdom

Route type: Other
Distance: 33.83km, 21.02 miles.   (0)

About trip

These days you can't put a mobile phone tower up without a possy of protesters chaining their children to the site. A far cry from the not so distant days when planning permission was granted for the Castleton cement factory. At least they left the bridleway which runs through the middle of it. This route takes you as close as you probably want to get to the cement factory before crossing the Great Ridge over towards Edale. No tour of mans attempts to trash the countryside would be complete without taking in another quarry and of course a quick loop around the transmitter high above Shatton. Despite all of this there are some excellent views and trails on this route which is surprisingly hard on the legs. Remember to save some energy for the long pull up the transmitter access road at the end.

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