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Uploaded by Sherriff73 on Apr 21, 2015
Region: United Kingdom

Route type: Other
Distance: 27.35km, 17.00 miles.   (3)

About trip

The biblical ladder of Jacob spanned the gap between heaven and earth. Fortunately ours stops a bit short but it's still a monster of a climb and that's just for starters. This route is undeniably a challenge for bikers of all abilities. The initial climb up Jacobs Ladder is a challenge which, believe it or not, has been ridden all the way during a competitive event. After that there's plenty more technical climbing, exposed ridgetop riding and one of the rockiest descents in the peaks. The extremely rocky terrain covered by this route makes it deceptively slow going and hard on the bike. The combination of steep, rocky descending and gritty surfaces make this route especially hard on brakes so make sure you have plenty of pad before you start. This route crosses out of the Edale valley over to Hayfield. Once you are in Hayfield there is no easy option or short cut back so ensure you have enough time and energy to complete the ride before you start.

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