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Addingham Circular

Uploaded by ChrisDHorner on Jan 07, 2016
Region: United Kingdom

Route type: Hike
Total climb: 683.30 ft Difficulty: Medium
Distance: 9.27km, 5.76 miles.   (1)

About trip

Lovely walk along the riverside, including a slight detour for a lunch/refreshment stop at the Lobwood Quaker Meeting House. Then over the old bridge near the Devonshire Arms (and Bolton Abbey). Some steep climbing on the return leg that are worth doing but could be avoided by staying on the road. If you do opt to do the climb on the way back you could follow the contours slightly off the footpath to avoid an unecessary climb in the field before the woods and plan for a lunch/refreshment stop half-way up the climb after the woods to take advantage of the plentiful boulders and rock protrusions to sit on while enjoying the view across the valley. After negotiating the not well signposted 'permitted footpath' around the bottom of the Beech House Farm buildings (although you can still walk straight through the farmyard and gates on the real footpath) there is a lovely track and interesting deep cut footpath on the way back down to the footbridge over the river.

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