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Moelwyn Mawr

Uploaded by philhurn on Jun 15, 2016
Region: United Kingdom

Route type: Other
Total climb: 2,113.42 ft
Distance: 9.14km, 5.68 miles.   (0)

About trip

This is an enjoyable walk over the main peaks in the Moelwyns, those being Moelwyn Mawr and Moelwyn Bach. It involves a walk up a disused incline, before gaining the grassy slopes of Moelwyn Mawr and onto the rockier Moelwyn Bach, before walking back down the road from the Stwlan Dam. The only disadvantage is that both the Snowdonia and Harlech maps are needed to cover the walk. Transport to the beginning is best by car to Tanygrisiau or Ffestiniog, unless you are able to get the train from Llandudno Junction, which is an enjoyable ride through.

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