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Uploaded by Roland on Sep 21, 2016
Region: United Kingdom

Route type: Other
Distance: 11,368.07km, 7,063.79 miles.   (2)

About trip

Parking is free on at Top o’ Town. If you are early there will be spaces. The round distances are:- Long Ride to Clouds Hill via Moreton Ford (Bridge, and straight on, left at first road) 8 miles via Moreton – Wool Station – left to Bovington Tank Museum cycleway over old Wool Bridge, Clouds Hill half a mile straight on past Tank Museum 10 miles to Hardy’s cottage via Tolpuddle, Puddletown and Troytown is 9 miles from Clouds Hill. to Max Gate a further 3 miles from Hardy Cottage Return to to Top o’ Town from Max Gate on route 2 cycleway, South Court Avenue, and Cornwall Road just under 2 miles. Cups of tea/breakfasts are available at Top ‘o Town from early on the day There are tea/coffee/cake shops for elevenses at Moreton (and passers-by can get all types of refreshment at the Tank Museum without paying for entry). The new information facility at the Birthplace has a wide range of lunches, teas, etc and will be reached by everyone around midday. Registration will start by 9am for 10.50 line up and 10am start for the Long ride, one hour later for the Short Ride. Short Ride 6 miles to Hardy’ Birthplace, and 6 miles back by same signed route. Visit Max Gate on the way there or on the way back! Most riders average 10 mph, some 5, so allow at least an hour to get to Clouds Hill + stopping time, likewise back to Higher Bockhampton.

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