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Surrey Hills MTB Trail Guide from IMB - Surrey Hills MTBer

Uploaded by paul ness13 on Dec 30, 2022
Region: United Kingdom

Route type: Mountain Bike Difficulty: Tough
Distance: 29.90km, 18.58 miles.   (0)

About trip

Free online mountain bike magazine IMB rode the Surrey Hills for the first issue of their mag (starts on page 39) back in September 2009 which includes a nice write up of the day, some good pics and video.

Their ride takes in Holmbury & Pitch Hills and even a quick excursion onto the much forgotten Winterfold. Trails include the usual suspects; Barry Knows Best (before the new end section was built), Yoghurt Pots, Telegraph Row, Resevoir Dogs (note this trail has been pretty much destroyed by the loggers at the time I write this).

There is a GPX file (reproduced here) but, having overlayed this on a map myself, it doesn’t really match up with the article so I would be cautious if you try it! 

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