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Dartmoor North Bovey

Uploaded by HighChalkWanderer on Apr 04, 2023
Region: United Kingdom

Route type: Other
Distance: 37.96km, 23.59 miles.   (0)

About trip

distance(km): 39.4
climbing(m): 1450
difficulty: medium / hard
This is a serious ride, with a a lot of climbing, on some superb, technical trails. Don’t be scared off
though, as it can easily be made shorter (into 2 rides - east loop & west loop). Although the trail mostly
fairs well in the wet there is the problem of erosion around here, so try to go when its dry.
1 START. Go east on a BW track for 0.7km (0.45m)
to a X-tracks just past the old disused mine (SX 682
/810). Go SA (east), UH, with a wall on your R, and
DH to Headland Warren Farm (693/812). Bear L on a
BW, steep UH, to a rd and go L, then shortly R on a
BW (695/817) that crosses the rd.
2 Keep SA/L/east, between the Tors, UH, which then
drops steeply, good DH. Keep SA on this as the track
improves/becomes a rd, to a X-rds (718/ 831). Turn R
on the rd and keep SA on this for 2.6km (1.6m) to a
X-rds (730/810) and turn R here.
3 After 0.65km (0.4m), UH, turn L on a rd for 0.7km
(0.45m) then turn L through a gate on the (Hayne
Down & Manaton) BW or see shortcut 1. 1.3km
(0.8m) to Jays Grave and a rd (733/799) and go SA
on a BW, DH, to a rd (739/799) and turn R on this for
0.7km (0.45m) to Hound Tor car park (739/792).
4 Go SA/L on the feint track to the R of the Tor,
through a stone wall, then good descent, past Greator
rocks to the R and medieval village to L. Drop DH, to
a bridge and walk over the rocks, to the slopes of
Haytor Down (753/786).
5 Turn L (NE) at the 1st fork then L (N) at the 2nd
fork, to a 3rd fork (756/791) and bear R, UH on a
RUPP. 1km (0.6m) to a rd (764/793) and go R on this
for 1.3km (0.8m), then bear L onto a BW (769/784).
DH for 1.45km (0.9m) to a hairpin with rd (782/778).
6 Turn sharp L onto the rd, for 0.8km (0.5m) then
bear L on a wide BW (789/781) for 1.1km (0.7m) to a
rd (789/790). Turn L on this for 0.35m then go R on a
ByW before a car park (785/794). Go DH to the bottom
and keep SA, and go over the river on the 3rd
bridge (772/803) and head L, tough UH.
7 Keep SA to the top corner of the woods, through a
gate on the BW to Water. Join the tarmac and keep R
or see shortcut 2. Take the 1st R, on a BW / track
(759/808) and follow the BW to the R, then L, through
a gate and DH on this good, fun, technical trail, to a
bridge (758/821).
8 Go over the bridge and up a technical climb, and
take the 1st BW on the L (772/813) along Lustleigh
Cleave (Foxworthy bridge). Keep SA along this tough
technical trail for 1.6km (1m) joining the tarmac by the
houses and follow this to Hunters Barn cottage, and
turn L over the bridge (758/821) or see the extension.
9 Follow the track UH to a rd (753/822) and turn L
on this, UH, through Manaton, and dropping down to
a X-rds past the church. Keep SA on the rd opposite
for 0.5km (0.3m) to another X-rds (751/807) and turn
R on a lane which becomes a steep rocky BW, UH.
10 Keep SA on a tough climb to the top, between the
Tors and back down to a rd and turn L then immediately
R on a BW (739/799). Been here before. UH,
through the field, through a gate and down to the rd
and Jay’s Grave. Keep SA on the BW, UH, then drop
down to a rd (721/802) and go SA on the BW.
11 Long UH (which also makes a great DH), and keep
to the LHS of Grimspound, then steep DH to a rd (697
/809). Turn R on the rd, UH, for 0.9km (0.55m) and
turn L (west) on the BW (Two Moors Way), (or L on the
BW you came along before if you want to re-do that).
12 Follow this ST UH, then DH to Bennett’s Cross and
a small car park (681/817). Turn L (south) and head
steeply DH on a ST across the moor, to a broad track
by the disused mines (682/811) and turn R, (west) UH,
back to the car park (676/811).

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