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Walk: Ingleton Waterfall Trail (Yorkshire Dales)

Uploaded by 00joho00 on Aug 04, 2017
Region: United Kingdom

Route type: Gentle Walk Difficulty: Medium
Distance: 6.90km, 4.29 miles.   (11)

About trip

This is an absolutely breath taking walk if you love waterfalls, steep sided gorges, and limestone rock. The path starts as a fairly decent rolled path, which can be muddy in paces especially on the flatter sections and in the rain. It climbs steeply, with a series of steps around the various falls as it traverses the gorge walls. 

WARNING: If you are used to wild places being deserted this is not one of them, it can be quite busy espcially on a good day and during holiday season. You might also be very surprised to find a hot dog stand serving a myriad of refreshments at the top of Thornton Force, and an ice crean van once you have crossed the river just past Ravenray Bridge. 

The second part of the walk along the River Doe, Breezly Falls, Snow Falls etc is much more adventurous and the path more akin to a wild trail than a rolled path, littered with rocks, roots winding it way up, over and through the gorge. Its a continual up and down series of steps, slabs and slopes as you make your way down the valley back into Ingleton Village. 

It is perfectly manageable as my 70 year old father and 5 year old daughter both managed it on the same day, although it did make for slow progress, however it allowed for plenty of time to admire the awesome waterfalls, steep gorges and stunning surroundings. 

Well worth the visit and entry fee. 



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