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Walk: Malham Cove (Yorkshire Dales)

Uploaded by 00joho00 on Aug 05, 2017
Region: United Kingdom

Route type: Gentle Walk
Total climb: 482.02 ft Difficulty: Easy
Distance: 4.07km, 2.53 miles.   (7)

About trip

This is a truncated version of walk 1, just taking in only Malham Cove to the base and then round to the top without continuing to Gordale Scar as indicated on the Malhamdale website.  The  path is wide, flat and maintained to the base and then steps have been created all the way to the top. Take care on the limestone pavement at the top as its easy to slip and hurt an ankle or worse. The return is either via the same way you walked in or through the fields on the way back to bring some variation to the walk. 

This walk is very popular and can be extremely busy on a good day. Despite its remote location this is not one if you are looking for some peace and quite, but is magnificent non the less. Might be better to start at first light and avoid the crowds. 

Overall an easy walk but the steps to the top of the rock wall can be taxing. 



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