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Cabrach and Dead Wife's Hillock

Uploaded by sweed2k1 on Jan 09, 2018
Region: United Kingdom

Route type: Other
Distance: 13.69km, 8.51 miles.   (7)

About trip

Starting point is the Grouse Inn, on the A941 at GR NJ379304, about 1hr fast drive from Culter. We aim southwest thru pasture to hit the open moor and rough ruts leading up to the trig point at Meikle Firbriggs (539m). From here, it is offpath over Round Hill to Dead Wife's Hillock, where we join the Steplar Road, descending to the ford over the Black Water. (If there's time, it's interesting to explore further west, returning via ruts to Blackwater Lodge, then crossing an interesting bridge to rejoin the track along the rive, but this is less likely now with the short days). A track takes us up to a somewhat neglected conifer plantation (featuring deer), and out to descend past the peaceful sheep flocks to the Inn. Sadly, the Inn is closed for catering, although - I'm not clear on this point! - the bar may be open... OS37 Strathdon, 15km, 350m ascent, 5hrs or so, a not-too-demanding stroll in a less-visited area.

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